Will YOU be included in the 8% of people who reach their goals in 2020?
Did you know that according to scientific studies, 92% of people who set goals at the beginning of the year never follow through with them?! 😱😳😲

It's true! They quit by the time we are halfway through the first month of the year. 

But we're here to tell you about the 8% of people that DO accomplish their goals. Want to know how they do it? 

They do things differently. So if you want to be a part of the 8%, keep reading...

We know that life can get a little hectic. So we're here to help you keep things organized and thrive in your life with our transformational planner! 

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"The mission of the Whose Shoes Transformational Planner is to help women identify their vision and set intentional goals with deadlines. We want them to be bold, fearless and relentless in pursuing their dreams."
Listen, we have walked the walk and we want to share the lessons we learned along the way! We've invested time in ourselves to transform and develop our own lives so that we can help other women to do the same. We created this transformational planner to help you make those same investments into yourself so that you can live the life YOU want to live.

So who are we and why should you care? So glad you asked :) 

We're Christine K. St. Vil & Julian B. Kiganda, authors of "Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want to Be" and creators of the Whose Shoes Transformational Planner.  When we wrote Whose Shoes, we knew that it would be more than just a book. We knew that we were creating a movement to change women's lives.

After receiving so many testimonials, and many people asking us how they can take it to the next level, we knew we had to go beyond the pages of the book. When we asked our clients and readers what top three things they were challenged with the most around goal-setting, they answered: overwhelm, productivity and time-management. 

So we took the lessons shared in our book, and strategies learned in our own lives, and created a tool that would be almost like an accountability partner that you have access to 24/7. And that tool became the Transformational Planner. We have added tons of new features to our planner in this 6th edition to make it even more effective and to help you reduce overwhelm, increase productivity and effectively manage your time so you can achieve your goals!

  • You're feeling overwhelmed in your life and/or business right now
  • ​You want to achieve and celebrate realistic goals
  • You lack the motivation to get things done
  • You want accountability and support from experts
  • You need a community of like-minded women to keep you inspired & focused
With this planner 
you'll learn...
  • How you can increase productivity, reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and get results
  • ​How to plan your way to success and a better life
  • How to create a less stressful method of getting things done and off your "to-do" list
  • How to stay motivated all year with uplifting quotes to encourage you on your journey
When you act today, you can get our new Whose Shoes Transformational "Get It Done" Planner mailed directly to your door 
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What People Are Saying

—Rita Pardo, Naturally Me and You

2017 was extremely challenging for me. I had heart surgery, my mother died and my husband got in a terrible accident. My world changed in so many ways. I wasn't prepared but my planner kept me organized. I would have totally lost my mind (more so than what it already is) if I didn't have that planner. When I first got my planner, I didn't know what to do with it. The first two months were blank and they still are. Once I got comfortable with my failures as well as successes I was able to write them down and grow from them. This planner saved my sanity as well as my life.

—Vikkia Simmons, Brooklyn Entrepreneurs Ambitious and Talented aka B.E.A.T

The biggest goal I was able to achieve with the planner was starting my business.

—Keianna Johnson, Chi Chi Sophistication

The biggest goal I was able to achieve with the planner] I finished writing my book. I enjoyed the monthly productivity tips. The tips were a game changer for me as well as sticking to the goals I wrote in my vision board. Typically I would be bouncing from idea to idea but this year was the very first time I've seen real results by sticking with my plan...even if it was hard, the planner allowed me to take a break, regroup and get back in the race. I didn't feel guilty about rewarding myself. I looked forward to my rewards when I finished my work.

—Tanya Barnett, Real Wife Coach™

The Whose Shoes Transformational Planner helped me actually stop and think about what goals I wanted to achieve during the year. Being able to break those goals down to monthly action items was just what I needed. It's a fact that this planner was pivotal to not only my personal growth, but also to that of my business.

—Shantae Pelt, CEO, Cocopie Clothing

The Whose Shoes Transformational Planner is by far one of the best purchases I've made this year. This planner is far from ordinary and includes not just goal setting, but action steps to ensure you'll have something to note in the successes area by months' end. This structure made me more accountable and very conscious of how I'd manage my time in order to complete each goal. Furthermore, it helped me increase productivity and efficiency. Because of all things mentioned, I accomplished practically everything I wrote down!

The Whose Shoes Planner has sold out for the last 3 years so get it while you can for just $40 + FREE PDF Download!

 "Believe" GIFT SET: 
Planner + Journal + Diamond Pen
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are unhappy or not seeing results within 60 days while using your Transformational Planner, simply let us know by sending it back and we will give you a full refund.

**Please note: we will need to see that you have been actively writing, and implementing the action steps in the planner in order to receive a refund**
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